We have over 18 years of experience working with many leading life science companies delivering branding solutions, strategic direction, creative inspiration and digital expertise.

At RFA, we believe having all these skills under one roof creates the best work and, more importantly, our clients agree.

We’re an independent agency with a global reach through the Healthstar Vivactis network, and our work has won numerous awards from bodies such as the PM Society and the VMA for both creativity and effectiveness.

We were quick to spot the game-changing impact that the iPad would have on customer engagement and launched our own closed loop marketing platform back in 2010. To date we have produced over 150 CLM presentations.

We are accredited by all the major CRM/CLM providers, including Veeva, MI Touch, Agnitio and DSA.

Seamless multi-channel brand communications - engaging and informative – it’s what RFA is all about.