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From content strategy, to creation, approval and distribution,
RFA has all your needs covered - under one roof

Strategic planning

We have an extensive knowledge of the competitive landscape, and can leverage key insights to develop a winning strategy for your brand. From product positioning through to omnichannel marketing, we’ll help you devise a compelling campaign for maximum impact in your markets.

Customer segmentation

It doesn’t matter how great your content is, if it’s not reaching the right people. That’s why we get to know your customers first with advanced techniques like market segmentation using predictive analysis. This allows us to personalise content to create bespoke customer journeys and forge deeper connections with your audience.

Creative concepts

Our talented team of creatives has all the expertise you need to craft a compelling campaign that will resonate with local and global markets. From concept development through to photoshoot and video production, we do everything in-house for seamless delivery every time.

Content creation

Modular content offers brands a serious competitive edge, by speeding up omnichannel content creation, review and approval. Little wonder then that Veeva predicts around 50% of digital content will be modular by 2027. We can help you make the transition by optimising your content strategy for maximum efficiency and impact across all Veeva channels.

Seamless approval

All our account handlers and writers are ABPI-trained and certified in Vault Promomats so can expertly speed communications through your legal and medical approval system. Not only will this save you stress and free you up to focus on the things that matter, it will help ensure your content reaches the markets as soon as possible.

Design with a purpose

According to Veeva, 77% of field content is rarely or never used. That’s why everything we produce is designed for optimal UX, UI and CX purposes – so you can be sure all your content is as accessible and engaging as possible.

Digital sales aid expertise

All designed to captivate your audience and start them on a lasting omnichannel customer journey. We always push the boundaries of what’s possible across all Veeva applications, from dynamic, responsive and segmented CLM presentations, to HTML builds with interactive coding, UX/CX design and animation.

Approved email communications

Personal and programmatic email campaigns are typically the gateway to a targeted customer experience – seamlessly integrating your digital channels to maximise customer engagement at precisely the right time and place. Everything you need you to engage HCPs and guide them through a captivating customer journey.

Closed loop marketing with data insights

We don’t just deliver results; we help you measure and understand them. Our business intelligence team will work with you to establish key performance indicators and help you gain valuable insights from your engagement data.
We can also create a bespoke dashboard to track the metrics that matter most to you, enabling you to adapt and refine your communications strategy accordingly.

What our expertise means for YOU

Peace of mind

Engaging creative content also medically and legally compliant.

Quality assurance

All expertise in-house for seamless efficiency from brief to delivery.

Best use of budget

Projects delivered on time and budget.

Effective delegation

We’re happy to manage or liaise with other agencies on your behalf.

Stress-free management

Our capable account teams will help streamline your workload.

Technical support

We can provide guidance for your own digital production centre.

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